white linen and stripes in the mountains


Hello ladies! So glad to be back on the blog! I’ve missed it so much but I’ve also had the best week in Tahoe! As much as I am a city girl, a little R&R in the mountains doesn’t hurt. Over the week I posted where my favorite spots are in South Lake Tahoe so if you are headed to Tahoe anytime soon, go check out my Instagram page!



After Tahoe, my family headed up the mountain to my meme and papa’s house. Is there a place for you that makes you feel completely whole and warm? That’s what my meme’s house is for me. She always has warm cookies or a chocolate cake ready and her garden is always full and colorful. I couldn’t help but take pictures there.



Lola girl was in complete heaven at her meme’s house. She has a huge lawn area and Lola would run and run all day long and finally pass out around 9pm. She usually has her 1pm nap but she was way to excited! I was quite nervous with her being so free to run around (all you dog mama’s out there get it) but she did amazing! Whenever I would call her name she would run back, she honestly is the best pup ever!



One of my favorite looks for summer is a sweet linen skirt with a striped tee. Can you say classic! The best thing about this summer uniform is that I can wear this anywhere…a BBQ, brunch out with friends or the beach!
Skirt also here
striped tee
Boater Hat also here
Ballet Flats
Thank you all for your continued support, love you all!!


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