stripes and chambray

Happy Humpday! If I’m being honest I just recently figured out what the term “hump day” actually means. I was always so confused on why people would say it so freely (radio, classes, at work) and know I get it! What can I say it was a blonde moment! The real reason why you are here is because of these killer¬†pants huh? Well they are even more amazing because they are from Target and are under $35! This top I am wearing is actually a dress that I just tucked into the pants, it’s an old trick I use pretty much daily. This gives me more wear out of a particular item. A similar top that I think goes perfectly with these pants is this ruffle tank.¬† I’ve been wearing these pink loafers everyday, I never owned a pair of shoes that were so versatile before these beauties! And of course my trusty straw hat that will be very over-worn this summer!

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