SF and a thank you note


Hi again! Today I’m giving you ladies a little tour of my favorite spots in SF and a thank you letter to all of you!
One of my favorite things to do is walk around Pacific Heights neighborhood and take in all the charming homes. This is a side of San Francisco most people don’t see, a slower side. A side where you wake up every morning and walk to your favorite coffee shop and sip on espressos all morning. So last weekend that’s exactly what we did!






First stop was at Cafe Reveille, they have pink table tops so obviously we had to stop there. I had the Kale salad which was divine! And Matt (my love) had the burger. One thing that was so cool was we got to watch a Honda commercial being filmed right in front of us! It was so fun to watch the director and all the amazing cameras all while sipping on my mocha! Definitely recommend this cafe, there are some really amazing vegetarian options and is super cute!



A thank you note to all of my lovely friends(yes you are my friend!)
Last week my Instagram hit 11.1k which was so unbelievably cool! I never thought it would get this far and I’m so blessed. I don’t have anyone to thank but you all that have supported me and loved me through my journey. I hope to continue bringing you inspiration while we both grow and figure out life together. I want to start to become more open with you about my personal struggles and maybe help someone out that is also struggling. I hope this blog becomes more than just pretty images but also a safe place where we can discuss deeper subjects.
Honestly thank you for all your love and support!
Much love!

All my outfit details are below!

Ballet Flats
Chanel Handbag

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