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Summer is finally here which means it’s vacation time! On Sunday morning my family is heading to Maui! We are celebrating a lot while we are there, my 22nd birthday, my parents 25th wedding anniversary and my brothers graduation! I’m a serial planner so I have everything all set up like where to go and where to eat. Since I am in packing mode I wanted to let you in on some of my tips!

1. Lay out everything first. This helps me make sure I have everything that I need and maybe even put some items back! The last time I went to Hawaii I brought too much stuff and didn’t wear most of it!

2. Buy travel size. They are under $5 at Target and just keep everything together. Organization is key!

3. Never check essential items. In my carry on I always pack another set of clothes, underwear and my toothbrush. Just in case!

4. Make a packing list. I start mine probably a week in advance just to make sure I don’t forget anything

5. In your carry on pack chapstick, gum, headphones, Advil, socks for the airplane, neck pillow for long flights, and snacks.

6. Roll your clothes, don’t fold. them. (example below)

If you have any other packing tips comment below!

Happy travels!



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  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

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