do you believe in ghosts??

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? This house. There had been rumors about it being haunted. People would see a woman walking around the upstairs, things would move, people walking by would get a cold overcoming feeling, but those were all rumors. It had been decorated for Christmas so I wanted to take photos in front of it. But what was weird was that my best friend, Rachel and I both got incredibly sharp pains in our abdomen and feet literally within minutes of each other. We were both bent over in pain but we brushed it off and continued to shoot. I am not joking you but Rachel started screaming, she saw a woman in one of the upstairs bedrooms move the blinds and look down at us. I turned around and saw her too. The rumors were true, we packed up our things and literally ran to our car.

I have had a run into spirits many times and fully believe in them. I have seen my great grandmother and both my uncles. Have you had any run ins with ghosts??

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  1. That’s so scary!!!! You look amazing babe!
    Happy Monday!
    Xx Brandi

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