5 things I’ve learned


Hi darlings! Today I’m giving you 5 tips on what I have found useful for fashion blogging! I have been blogging for 3 years now and would love to share some insight!
I’m going to start right out and say my number one is…

1-Consistency! Posting everyday or every other day sets up a relationship with your followers and makes blogging easier as you go along!

2- Have a theme on Instagram! My theme is soft pastels, lots of flowers, and feminine ensembles. Find out what your followers like and go with it!

3-Brainstorm what your want to talk about in this weeks blog posts! Saves time and makes your posts more enjoyable to write.

4-Thanking and commenting back on your posts! This one took me a while to do, your followers want a relationship with you and giving them love back will create just that!

5-Love what you do. Because if you don’t it will be very obvious. If you put your whole heart into your Instagram and blog your followers will obviously see this and most likely come back for more!



I wore this outfit to lunch and got so many compliments. I live in dresses and cardigans and this double layer white dress is probably my favorite. It’s so delicate and can be dressed up or down. Another wonderful thing about it is the price tag.







White double layer dress

Boater Hat

Ballet Flats

White Handbag

Thank you for your continued support, I’m so completely blown away by all the comments, emails and DM’s! You all are seriously the best!


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