from one shopaholic to another.

Alright real talk people, I am a shopaholic. I love clothes, shoes and handbags. Sometimes I shop just for the thrill of swiping my card. Yes,this is bad but one thing is for sure I don’t spend money I don’t have. Over the past couple months my shopping addiction got so bad I actually started to forget I ordered certain things. It was like I would go into a trance when I pushed “place my order.” One of the things I wanted to work on is to cut my spending in HALF for the next couple months. Some tips I have come up with to save yourself and your wallet are…

  1. Ask yourself what you can pair the item with that’s already in your closet. This is usually a deal breaker for me. It also helps me figure out if the item is a complete waste of money because if I don’t have anything to pair it with then I won’t wear it. Pretty easy huh?!
  2. How many times will you wear this item? If it’s more than once then totally get it!
  3. And lastly, which I think is the most obvious one. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it! Or if it costs you an arm and a leg or the money you would use for rent. STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS!

I love writing more informational posts like this one but I would love to hear what you like! More about the outfit or informational posts! Let me know below or DM me on Instagram.

Outfit Details:

Polka Dot Top  (also comes in red)

Levis Jeans

Camel color beret

Chanel Flats



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